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E Series Pyrometer
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Jual E Series Pyrometer

Spesifikasi E Series Pyrometer

Thermal Imaging Camera

InstrumentsAST E250 PLAST E450 PLAST E450C PLAST EL50/EL50H
FeaturesDigital pyrometer with extended sensor head. Analog and digital output, inbuilt LCD, and keypad for parametrizationDigital IR pyrometer with extended sensor head, analog o/p, USB 2.0, inbuilt LCD and keypad for parametrization
Temperature range250°C - 1800°C600°C - 1900°C800°C - 2500°C0°C - 800°C
0.1...1.2 adjustable
Spectrum range1.6μm1μm0.7.....1.15 μm8.....14 μm
Distance to spot ratio20 : 1
40 : 1
80 : 1

2: 1
15: 1
Response time
2msec. adjustable up to 10 sec.
20msec. adjustable up to 10 sec.20msec. adjustable up to
10 sec.
±0.3% of the measured value
±0.5%of the
measured value +1°C
±1.0% of the measured
value or 3°C
Analog output
4...20mA or 0-20mA/0-10V User Selectable
4...20mA or 0-20mA
/0-10V optional, T/C type
K or J
Digital output
USB 2.0, RS-232/RS-485 User Selectable
USB 2.0, (RS-232/
RS-485 Optional)

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